Long Shade

Daphna Laurens together with Vij5

“A Vij5 product always has something to do with our personal preference. However, after almost 10 years, we feel that the label is starting to speak for itself and designers are starting to understand what we are looking for in a design.

A nice example of this is the Long Shade, by Daphna Laurens. We have known each other for a few years, and they designed this LED-lamp especially for us. They collected some of our thoughts via different conversations, and interpreted these ideas in their own beautiful way. We were able to contribute by figuring out best production details and methods, resulting in a balanced collaboration between Daphna Laurens and Vij5.”

- Arjan & Anieke


With the Long Shade Vij5 introduces a ‘hybrid’ LED light, feeling comfortable in both private residences as in contemporary office applications. The Long Shade is available in two lengths to create straightforward utilitarian light or domestic and playful configurations.

The name originates from the subtle reference to an archetypal lampshade, visible in the side view of the lamp body, as well as the stretching length of the available models.

The smaller version has a special High Power LED strip hidden between its wings to create a significant light output on only 400 mm length.

The longer model doubles the length of the LED and even has an extra functionality built in; the switch on the top switches between two light colours ánd light volumes. In the standard position the dimmed light (Extra Warm White ±3000K) gives the perfect atmosphere for a
cosy dinner with friends or a functional yet warm white in the house. When pulling the switch, the colour changes to a brighter white (Warm White ±3300K) and more than doubles the amount of light shining down between the coloured shades. This last position gives the perfect atmosphere to do some work at home or for use in office applications.


design by Daphna Laurens

in collection since 2015

materials solid Oakwood lamp body
2 powder coated aluminium lamp shades
LED strips with LED-driver(s) integrated in the lamp body
3 meters of flexible black rubber electricity cable
1 mm black steel cable

colour variations

Available from stock:
- greywhite RAL9002
- mossgrey RAL7003
- nightblue RAL5022

On request:
- blackblue RAL5004
- other colours possible on request.

Long Shade LED400

dimensions length 57 cm, width 17 cm, height 13 cm

light source including 1 high power LED-strip of 400 mm

light colour standard with High Power LED, Extra Warm White ±2700K

light output ±400 lux

Long Shade LED800

dimensions length 87 cm, width 17 cm, height 13 cm

light source including 2 LED-strip of 800 mm

light colour primary LED-strip in Extra Warm White ±3000K
secondary LED-strip in Warm White combination ±3200K

light output ±250 lux or ±600 lux





Long Shade
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Long Shade
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Long Shade
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Long Shade
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