Dashed Light

Léon de Lange together with Vij5

“The idea to implement the Dashed Lights in the Vij5 collection originated at the workshop of one of our steel manufacturers. We saw rough versions of the lamps in one of his cabinets and thought it was a shame that such a beautiful and well designed piece was just lying around.

So we contacted Léon, the designer of the lamp, and invited him to our studio to discuss a possible collaboration. It turned out to be a great match: these relatively smaller lamps are a very nice addition to the Vij5 collection and Léon was happy with this fresh attention for his design!”

- Arjan & Anieke


The Dashed Lights are studiously developed by Dutch designer Léon de Lange for the Vij5 collection.

The lamps are designed to be laser cut from a thin brass plate and folded afterwards by hand into a three dimensional shape using the ‘dashed line’ (a dotted line which is widely used in design processes). Small pop rivets are used at the corner points to make sure everything stays fixed into place.

When the light source is on, the lamp ‘leaks’ light through the same dashed line, creating a special pattern.


design by Léon de Lange

in collection since 2013 (brass in 2014)

dimensions available in three variations:

  • Dashed Lights 10cm; bottom 10x10cm, width 10cm, height 13cm
  • Dashed Lights 16cm; bottom 16x16cm, width 17,5cm, height 14cm
  • Dashed Lights 21cm; bottom 21x21cm, width 21cm, height 14cm

material brass plate 0,8mm
Delivered as a finished product
Advised light source: LED light or savings light (not included)

E27 lampholder
Max 15 Watt
Cable length 3meter
220-240V ~ 50Hz


Dutch Design Week 2017

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Dashed Light
Dashed Light

The Dashed Lights are designed to be laser cut from a thin stainless steel plate and folded afterwards by hand using the ‘dashed line’.

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