About Vij5

Vij5 is a Dutch design label with a collection of interior products, characterized by their minimalist aesthetic and functionality.

Its founders, Arjan van Raadshooven and Anieke Branderhorst, designed the basis of the product collection and actively seek collaboration with other young designers to expand their collection. The distribution of the finished products is arranged by Arjan and Anieke, after they complete the design and investigate manufacturing possibilities together with the designers. With this they are looking for designs that suit their own signature.

Because Arjan and Anieke control all processes of each product from a designer’s perspective, the brand has a very personal style and high quality standards. Correct proportions and a balanced composition; the use of pure, honest materials; clear lines and fine details is what the designs have in common.

Vij5 workshop

The Vij5 workshop accommodates the studio, workshop ánd showroom of the Dutch design label Vij5. The physical combination of these functions makes the characteristic industrial building at the Hallenweg 1E in Eindhoven into a remarkable place worth a visit!

The studio in the back of the space is the main office of Vij5. This area literally overlooks all functions and activities within the label; varying from the design of new products, preparing exhibitions, to managing the production, processing orders and various communication activities.

In the workshop there is work done in prototyping, finishing the existing products, quality control, assembly of items and distribution.

In the showroom you can find the complete Vij5 collection.

If you like to visit us, please first make an appointment. During the Dutch Design Week (every year in October) the Vij5 workshop is open to public.