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We feel it is important that one is able to see, touch, feel and experience our products before buying. Therefore Vij5 has a selected network of selling points in the Netherlands and abroad.

When there is no relevant selling point for you, you can contact us directly and we will send the items directly to you.


- Helder (Antwerp)
- PIET (Gent)
- Oui (Hasselt)
- Gouts et Couleurs (Brugge)

Denmark: - Casanova Furniture (Ringsted)
France: - Home, Autour du Monde (Paris)

- Dutch Art & Design (Berlin)
- Putnik (Hamburg)
- InteriorPark (webshop)
- Hook & Eye (Stuttgart)

Iceland: - Lumex (Reykjavík)

- Le Panapé de Caméla (Genève)
- Waldraud (Zürich)

United Kingdom:

- Mint (London)
- Holloways of Ludlow (London, Ludlow, Surrey)
- 19 Greek Street (London)

Kuwait: - Madame Mantis (Safat Kuwait)
US, Canada & South-America:

the Future Perfect (NYC & Brooklyn)
- Michelle Varian (NYC)
- ID Chicago (Chicago)
- GNR8 design (online)

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