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Sample Series

rENs regards NewspaperWood as an archive made of characters, words, sentences and stories. The archiving, storage and filing of information is articulated in the design of their products as well as in the NewspaperWood material.

Stories from one newspaper, one day, processed into one material. Embedded in brass, a small part of the archive becomes wearable as jewellery. Taking a closer look, characters or sometimes even words appear!

The jewels are available in five diameters; from 30mm to 110mm. The code on the bottom is the diameter plus the date of the newspaper this particular piece of wood is made of. The NewspaperWood parts are being held by a brass ring, a gild necklace is included.


NewspaperWood is a new material invented by Mieke Meijer, developed together with the Dutch designlabel Vij5 and now part of a new NewspaperWood company.